"I have known and worked with Bruce for several years. Bruce has always been factual and honest with the quality of investments he was brokering or representing. He has a great deal of experience as a wholesaler in the Energy, Mining, Private Lending and alternative asset classes. We have appreciated Bruce and his efforts to get us any answers we require for either additional due diligence, and clarity on any of the investment offerings he is representing. He is able to build rapport with an advisor base that is not always easy to get along with. He has consistently demonstrated a high level of integrity and customer service. I highly recommend Bruce and his services. He would be a great addition to your firm."

Paul Shipton, BA, EPC, CIM, Senior Portfolio Manager, Vice-President, Shipton Duric & Associates Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc. Vancouver, BC.

"I have known Bruce for over 8 years now working together at the Maple Leaf Flow-Through Funds. Through the ups and downs in the marketplace, Bruce always came across as a consummate professional: diligent, honest and tenacious. What impressed me the most is the deep relationships Bruce has built with his clients and the level of attention he pays to them. I have no doubt Bruce will be successful in any endeavours he chooses to pursue"

Jim Huang, CFA & CGA, President, T.I. P. Wealth Manager Inc., Toronto, Ontario

"I have known and dealt with Bruce for over 14 years and he has always demonstrated a level of integrity and client service that is above standard in our industry. I met Bruce while he was at Qwest Energy and was impressed by his communication skills and his focus on customer service. We have continued to work on various investment opportunities since then. I find that he excels in his ability to communicate on a high level with a focus on building long term relationships."

John Vidas Associate Portfolio Manager, Sentinel Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities Vancouver, BC

"I have known Bruce for over 20 years and have acted as legal representative on behalf of several of the companies he was involved with including Cordilleran Resources Management Group, Sky Energy Capital, and Orsa Ventures. I also acted with Bruce as a Director of Maple Leaf Royalty Corp. Bruce has extensive knowledge and experience in the resource industries in Canada and internationally, and has excellent connections with a large number of people in such industries and in the Canadian capital markets. In my experience, Bruce has always displayed the highest standard of professionalism and ethics while conducting business and raising capital in the Canadian markets."

Darrell Podowski, Partner in Securities & Mining Group, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I have dealt with Bruce in a professional capacity for roughly an 8 year time span through several deals in the oil & gas and mineral resource sector marketed by Maple Leaf Funds. Bruce has a vast knowledge of not only the resource industry, but the corporate finance and structuring options inherent. I always appreciate Bruce's honesty, ethics and integrity. Most importantly though, I appreciate his candor about where a project is at whether it is positive, neutral or negative. Not everything in corporate finance and capital markets is going to go right all of the time, and I appreciate the fact that Bruce has always reported very factually on what is really happening with the different projects we have participated in."

Kevin Haakensen, B.Com, CIM, FMA, CFA, FCSI, Portfolio Manager & Senior Investment Advisor, Executive Director Private Client Group. PWM Private Wealth . Hollis Wealth Management, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

"I have known Bruce for over 20 years. I dealt with Bruce from 2009-2016 in his role as Executive Vice President, Maple Leaf Funds. Bruce is highly organized, efficient, extremely competent individual, and has an excellent rapport with all levels of personnel within the Canadian financial advisory marketplace. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. In my experience, Bruce strives for excellence on a daily basis with each project that comes his way."

Richard Kortje Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, Vancouver, BC

"I have known Bruce Fair for the past 17 years both socially and as a business advisor. He has become a good friend in and out of my business circle. Bruce has frequently counseled me with some of my business decisions and I have learned to trust many of his recommendations. I find Bruce to be very up to date on world-wide business events, keen and full of passion for business and investments and a great negotiator for getting what is right for his clients. Bruce is a knowledgeable and intelligent person, always in the know and well connected with a variety of people and companies from diverse backgrounds. He is honest, loyal and very determined to do his best and work out win-win situations for all those around him!"

Joe Forzani, Forzani Business Coaching Calgary, Alberta

"I have worked with Bruce for over 10 years and have always appreciated his honest, candid feedback about products and deals that we have been evaluating. Bruce is very experienced in not only the resource area but also the whole area of corporate finance and investment banking. He has been a pleasure to work with and we always have time for meetings to discuss the projects that he is currently working on. I would highly recommend him to work with."

Mike Armstrong, CPA, CA, CIM(r), CFP(r) Vice President, Portfolio Manager Armstrong Wealth, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

"I met Bruce in his capacity as Director and Executive Vice President for Maple Leaf Funds and we have worked together on various investment opportunities for the past 8 years. Competence, ethics, and efficiency are paramount in his field of work and considered a high priority in the functioning order of operations which are reflective of his own personal work ethic. Bruce strives to bring sound and unique investment opportunities to his client base and always communicates in an effective and honest manner. I have no hesitation recommending Bruce as a seasoned professional to work with."

Yasmin Kanji, Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor, Echelon Wealth Partners, Calgary, Alberta